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GregTech 5 Changelog 5.09.30

Добавлено: 24 июн 2017, 18:23
Все версии Gregtech

Added Data Stick Hatch for Assembly line
Added Gui for Assembly line
Added Recipe alternative Recipes Wetware Lifesupport crircuit board
Added alternative Recipes Lapotron Crystal
Added alternative Recipes ZPM Microwave Energy Transmitter
Added tooltips for "Tools, Solar, Motor, Pump, Conveyor, Robot Arm, Emitter, Sensor: from LuV to UV"
Added advanced informations in GT machines for nei for example was ">1" now "0.9 or 0.05"
Zero Point Module Now reusable and Added Craft for ZPM
Fixed Recipe Naquadah Monocrystalline
Fixed bug with Pollution reduction in chunks
Fixed bug with Earth deposits of Oil

Added Recipe Oil Cracker Unit
1.LPG 1000L = Naphtha 80L
Added Recipes Assembler
1.RedAlloy cables
2.Tin cables
3.Lead cables
4.Phenolic Circuit Board
5.Small Coil

Added Recipes Extruder
1.All Small Gears
Added Recipes Chemical Reactor